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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just realize how utterly dead and abandon my blog is... It's been 3 months + since I last updated this lonely blog... Gosh, I'm such a terrible blogger X) I guess I won't be updating much anymore. I've sorta lost interest in blogging :\ what with assignments, work and homework pilling up in my tedious college life. Tata blog, it has been an incredible 4 years spent with you, updating you, sharing my stories to my beloved friends. Thanks :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

I know, I've been relatively unactive for the past few days weeks! My gosh, it's been more than a month since I last updated my blog >< Haiz... I think it's going to close pretty soon. Anyway life in Australia has been great so far. Good new friends, college, boyfriend. I guess the only downside if the tremendously shivery weather that we get...-.- The food here is good, but of course you can't compare it to Malaysia. We just recently took our SPM results and I have to say I'm quite happy with it except for one tiny miner thing about it... Overall, life's moving slow and tedious for me.

Vynnie, me, Sherenna and Estee

Along the way, we celebrated birthdays :D


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm so extremely sorry for the lack of updates. Life's been busy and well... practically fun around here. It's relatively difficult to lock oneself in one's room and be isolated and anti-social from the others. Well this is just another quick update. Orientation is almost over for all February intakes of Trinity College. Ours will end tomorrow and lectures will begin next Monday.

Shopping in Melbourne is sure fun. The clothes here are cute and sweet and it's exactly the same price as Malaysia if you convert it. Though Harbour Town in Docklands is much better. Mom and I went to eat Asian food for dinner on the 20th of feb.

Rice with chicken and egg

My wantan noodle yum~

And Albert House had an amazing race on the 19th of feb. Almost everyone staying in Albert House participated. It was truly an amazing race. My team (Snorlax) came in first -thanks to my leadership- just kidding. We won thanks to every member in the team who participated and initiated in every task we did. We didn't quarrel or bicker but help and throw in our ideas and also work together as a team. So thank you all members which are, Steve, Jasmine, Xiao Wee, Qian Ping, Jia Xiong Joshua and mua.

Surprisingly, everyone in the team was a Malaysian

One of the botanical garden in Melbourne

By the time we reached this side, we were all so exhausted

Last but not least, there's a very good ice-cream here name Freddo's Ice-cream. It'll leave you wanting for more and it''s truly and undeniably better than Hagen Daaze. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What more can I say? I'm enjoying life in Albert house, the people here are relatively friendly. I've meet a couple of new people in the dinning hall which is a great start. Ok, I guess I should stop spending my time in my room blogging and go downstairs and socialise with people. Urgh, there're still a lot more things I'm no sure about in the house... I need a tour of this place XD

Anyway, i woke up at 9.30a.m today and went down for breakfast about 10.15a.m. Then went back to my room to freshen up and waited for mom and dad. That's where I meet Ariel, Steven and another guy. He didn't mention his name :\ Andrew was there as well.

Mom, dad and I went to eat beef noodle at a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. It was quite delicious.

The place was pack filled with people!

After that, we went to Ikea to buy more supplies for my room and they dropped me back to Albert House. I took a short nap and got ready to go jogging. Despite being 5.30p.m, the sun was still glaringly hot and starring down at me. I didn't care and just jogged in the park near my house. It was quite a good work out, I didn't know time flew so fast until I glanced at my watch and it was 6.35p.m. So I walked briskly back to Albert House and changed for dinner with my family.

We ate pecking duck and mostly chinese food for dinner at Pacific Seafood Restaurant. XD Don't ask me why, my dad has a craving for chinese food despite it being only the second day...

The rice came in a bucket :D

My sister's a dish! :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello from Melbourne!!! I'm currently staying in Albert House by myself. It's so peaceful cosy and quiet here ^_^ I haven't meet anyone new yet because I just moved in today. It's 3 hours different from M'sia and Australia. Weather's pretty decent, not too shiveringly cold and not too stickily hot. The sun is my best friend now. Anyway, just a short update about the trip from M'sia to Australia and what's been going on for the past 2 days here :) I still have to take a tour of the house and unpack a few things.

The airplane food my sister and I had, mom and dad had satay and some other luxurious food as there were sitting business class

Our dinner on the first day of Melbourne :D I MISS 24/7 MAMAK STALLS!

Indian baby in the plane was so cute!

Sceneries from the plane:

One moment it was bright, then sunset...

The next moment, the moon came out...

And pitch black when we touched down Melbourne

2nd day wasn't too bad. We went to my hostel which is Albert House and I got settled in. We then went to Big W to get our supplies for the hostel and ate our lunch. After everything was settled, we went for dinner at an Italian restaurant and dad drop me off to get me settled in and so here I am now, blogging at this hour in my room :)

Sis's fettuccine Alternota

Mom's brochette

My Ghonnici Napolito

Dad's salad and salmon pizza.

And my hostel:

Till then :)

OH forgot a picture...

Hmm... Yum :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, I guess this will be my last post in Malaysia before I come back in July. So just a little small thank you to some of my dear beloved friends whom have made my life full of joy and happiness. My class had a reunion dinner -well sort of- yesterday. It sorta failed but who cares!? At least people were there. I would like to thank Cairynne and Huey Jen for planning the dinner despite the uncooperative people :D

surprisingly, the guys ate salad while the girls ate fish and chips :O WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO!?

Newtons :D

and Keat Rui AKA outsider :P

tutti frutti!

And thank you Cairynne for the photo album!!!

Till then Malaysians! Tata~

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just another quick short update about my chinese new year so far. The usual routine as always. Woke up the first day of chinese new year and went straight to grandma's house for breakfast. Oh god... her food is to die for!

Us single non-married teenagers and children waited anxiously for ur red packets of ang paus from the adults. After the delicious and luscious breakfast, my cousins, aunties, uncles and I gambled. We payed Black Jack with the poker cards. I managed to nabbed about Rm12!!! woohoo!

Before we know it, it was time for lunch. After lunch, my cousins and I went to 1U to watch Homecoming. And man! People these days sure don't leave PJ anymore as they do it the previous years. 1U was jam packed with people! They were all congregating at the cinema and the lane was snake like longer than public holidays. Fortunately, we managed to grab the last few tickets for Homecoming. That show was sure entertaining. We went back to grandma's house after the movie and ate dinner. Yes, I didn't shower the entire day until I went back.

And 2nd day of chinese new year was the same. Woke up, ate breakfast at grandma's house again. The roaring lion came into the house and perform. The little kids were all angst when they were waiting for the lion to come. When the lion arrived, they stared at the performance with glee in their eyes and saccharin smiles. My little cousin hit the lion's ass X)

Then, we went to visit our relatives. We only went to one relative house this year. After the visit, we went back to grandma's house and gamble some more. We gambled with jimramie this time. I lost to my cousin!!! We ended the game around 5.20p.m and went back. I got a chance to drive my cousin's car for the FIRST time :D We went for dinner at Unique.

Yee sang -before

After :D


Yummy veggie~


Fish, Sorry. I completely forgot to take a picture before everyone ate it :'(

Same with the rice

Some mee with scallops

some sago dessert

and of course more desserts! There was shark fin soup as well, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that as well

The ambiance there was so lively, jubilant and euphoria. There was a karaoke set and my aunties sang their hearts out to some of the oldies song. Even my grandma sang a song!!! She sang, yuan liang dai biao wo de xing. My cousins and I enjoyed singing a good few songs of our own. Mostly emo and depressing songs, for some unknown reasons. The little ones enjoyed themselves with chinese new year songs. And we -or I- managed to take a good few pictures. Hmm, maybe that's why I forgot to take some of the pictures...

My cousins :D

Thought I find her annoying, she's still cute

The night ended with me following my cousin back to grandma's house where we gambled some more with Jimramie. I'm currently feeling crestfallen as I lost the money that I won the day before... Urgh, life's unfair.


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